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Many people think they should have a lot of money and/or assets to create an Estate Plan. This is simply not true. You should plan your estate no matter how large or small it is, and no matter how much debt you have. With proper planning you can avoid probate so it is important to retain an experienced Wills and Trusts attorney, such as attorney Roy W. Litherland, with offices in Aptos and Campbell, California.

Who Should Manage Your Affairs If You Become Disabled or When You Pass Away?

You should designate a family member or very close friend to handle your affairs as part of your estate plan. If you do not choose someone, the court will appoint a person for you, and he or she may not be the person you wanted to handle your affairs.

Estate Planning and Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can be very expensive – costing $75,000 per year or more. Even a well-off family would have a difficult time paying for the high cost of a nursing home, and because people are living longer than ever before, chances are, you may spend at least a year in a long-term care facility. Your estate may not be large enough to cover this, and even if you can afford it, there may be nothing left of your estate for your children and grandchildren. Instead of allowing your wealth to go to a nursing home, protect your assets by planning your estate with the help of an Estate Planning attorney, such as Roy W. Litherland.

How Can You Avoid the Probate Process?

An experienced Estate Planning attorney can help you avoid the Probate process. Probate opens your personal affairs to the public and is time-consuming and expensive. Learn how to avoid having your estate go through probate. Download our FREE report to learn more about the reasons you need Estate Planning.

Estate Planning and Prior Marriages

Planning your estate when you have children from more than one marriage can be difficult. Careful planning is needed so that your ex-spouse and ex-in-laws – and the IRS – don’t get the estate which rightfully belongs to your family. You also want to assure that all of your children are provided for in your Estate Plan, including children of a previous marriage.

Worried About How Your Children or Grandchildren May Spend Their Inheritance?

You can protect your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance with proper Estate Planning, not only to keep them from spending the inheritance all at once, but to keep them from making poor investments or otherwise mismanaging funds. You can also protect special needs children and grandchildren with the appropriate Estate Planning documents. You can even ensure your children and grandchildren get a proper education by providing incentives for them in your Estate Plan.

No matter the size of your estate, proper planning is important. A well drafted Estate Plan will save your family from unnecessary stress and headaches should you become disabled or pass away.

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